Meet Our Stars


Stars are not borne. They are made.

Read the success stories of some of our brightest stars here. Some of them are from Oxford, while some others are from local school. 

Let their stories inspire you. Let your vision match theirs.

Naman Banchhor IMO, ISO, IEO (Gold Medal
Naman Banchhor

NTSE Qualified, 94% in 10th ICSE Board

Pro C helped him achieve his dream of becoming a "National Talent". 


With the help of Pro C's expert's guidance, he scored 94% in 10th and won gold medals in Math, Science and English Olympiads. 


Naman is now preparing for IIT with Pro C. 

Lavanya Baghel

State Topper, 10th Board, ICSE


Lavanya's clear concepts helped her score 96.4% in ICSE board. She topped the state of Chhattisgarh. 


IMO, NSO, IEO gold medals as well as NTSE round-I, she has been an achiever with Pro C.

Lavnya is targeting to get into an IIT.

Lavanaya Baghel NTSE, IMO, ISO, IEO (Gol
Navya Banchhor class 6th IMO, ISO(Gold M
Navya Banchhor

State Topper, IEO

Pro C's strong coure-material brought early success for Navya. She is a proud winner of gold medals in International English and Math Olympiads. 


Curently, Navya is preparing for NTSE. 

Aashna Dilliwar

IMO gold medal (Class 3rd)


With Pro C's finest teaching methodology, Aashna dveloped mathematical skills, which won her gold in International Math Olympid.

Aashna is now refining her skills in English and Science too.

Aashna Dilliwar 3rd IMO Gold medal_edite
Harsh Vardhan Lunawat 10th - 95%_edited.
Harshwardhan Loonavat

95%, Class X, ICSE Board 

Harsh came to Pro C after almost half of the academic season for class X was over. To get a good score in the board exam, Harsh was provided inputs from Pro C's faculty in all the subject areas. Apart from Math, Science and English, Harsh got support in Hindi too. 

Ruparna Chakraborty

94%, Class X, CBSE


Pro C's teacher have a knack for creating toppers. Ruparna got benefitted from the teachers who focussed on concepts which generates results.

Rooparna chakraborty 10th 94%_edited_edi
Shourya Pratap Singh Kunwar

Spell Bee gold medal (Class 3rd)


Shourya has been with Pro C focussing on competitive exams. Shourya has shown remarkable improvement in both Math and English. 


And yes, let's not forget, all these prep has helped him greately for his school tests too.

Shourya Pratap class 3rd IEO (Gold Medal
Sakshi Sirmour class 6th IEO (Gold Medal
Sakshi Sirmour

IEO, Gold Medal (Class 6th)

An ICSE student, Sakshi had a voluminous syllabus in English language. 


She scored a gold in the International English Olympiad as well as an A1 in the school exams.

Khomendra Sahu

IMO, Gold Medal (Class 8th)

Khomendra came for his preparation of class 8th syllabus. Looking at his potential, Pro C's teachers started training him for International Math Olympiad.


Khomendra scored a gold medal and topped in his school exam too.

Khomendra Sahu class 8th 95_edited.png
Ashish Mishra

95.44%, Class 6th, ICSE Board

Ashish' parents were concerned about the quality of education he would get. However, they were very happy with the way Ashish has shaped.

Ashish' long term goal is the be more effective in competitive exams. 

Ashis Mishra class 6th 95_edited.png
Arnav tiwari class 8th 90%_edited_edited
Arnav Tiwari
90%, Class 8th, CBSE
Aranav balanced his passion to play chess with his studies and scored amazingly.
Varun Motwani

97%, Class 5th, CBSE Board

Varun joined Pro C for a Summer Camp. 


He greatly improved his Math skills and scored phenomenally high in school test.

Varun Motwani DPS 5th 97%_edited.png
Nikita Singh 10th 88_edited.png
Nikita Singh
88.2%, Class 10th, CBSE
Soumya Sahu

89%, Class 10th, CBSE Board

Soumya Sahu 10th 89%_edited.png
Savya RKC 6th grade A1_edited.png
Savya Chandrawanshi
Grade A1, Class 6th, ICSE
Shubha Motwani

91%, Class 8th, CBSE Board

Shubham joined for a summer course.


He is targeting NTSE and then IIT. 

Shubham Motwani DPS 8th 91%_edited_edite
Aaryan Dilliwar  10th - 89%_edited_edite
Aryan Dilliwar
89%, Class 10th, ICSE Board
Aryan is preparing for IIT now.