1-12 CBSE / ICSE

Pro C offers best in class classroom program for school boards. 


We ensure that our students score well in class, while learning the basic concepts. Our constant academic research has created the following three pillars of success . . .

Class I-V
Class IX-X
Class XI-XII
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Only Pro C has a courseware which helps a student learn concepts in a holistic manner.

Easly to learn explanation of concepts, gradually rising difficulty level of tests and interlinking of concepts is hallmark of Pro C's courseware.



Our subject experts ensure smooth learning and easy understanding of concepts.


The classrooms learning is supported by practical demonstration for key concepts. 

Tests for Expertize


Each concepts learnt is tested. 

Our tests gradually move from easy to difficult. This reduces stress and maximizes performance.

Pro C's philosophy of testing is to obtain subject expertize.