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Toppers are Not Born, They are Made

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

Who does not want his kid to be a topper, or at least good in studies? While everyone would love to have academically good kids, very few have the privilege of having one.

As a counselor I come across hundreds of parents every year. I find a great majority of them to be troubled by this one question - "Why is my child underperforming?"

The first thing such parent needs to realize is that 'toppers' are not born, they are made. The gravest mistake a parent makes is to think that 'they are born so'. This thought is a guarantee that he is not going to do the things which can make his child a topper. He becomes fatalist. He gets frustrated, which is infectious. (All these 'he' refer to a parent which can be either of mother or father).

But if you are one who is not infested with a fatalist tendency, you may have the next big question lurking around, "What makes a child a topper?". I have a short story to share with you on this. While the character is real, I have changed the name.

This little boy Abhi walked into my office with his mother. His mother had concerns about his mathematical skills. When we conducted our tests, we found that not only the mother was right, but the child had grave lacunae in mathematical learning and application skills. And all this while he had spent good 6 years at one of the finest public schools in Raipur.

We started working on Abhi's mathematical learning abilities. While we have a standard set of training module for learning math, Abhi needed custom made training material. As we progressed we realized that he had a very different way of looking at everything that was being taught to him. for example, while we were teaching him about number line, Abhi thought that a number line should end where the page of his notebook ends (an rightly so, because the lines in ruled notebook ended there).

Our experience with such situations has taught us one thing, one single test or type of test can non reveal how exactly a child is thinking. Our tests are biased as they are made by adults with certain presumptions. On the contrary, a child does not have any presumptions.

Whenever Abhi was taught something, we tested his understanding by a uniquely designed test. It took us almost a year to bring a complete turnaround. Abhi now not only solves math, he loves it. His ability to solve word problems is beyond his age now.

Under normal circumstances, a child like Abhi is branded as someone who does not like math (It's now fashionable to brand kids this way. It's very soothing for a parent to learn that the child does not love math and thus does not do well in it.)

We believe that liking a subject is more a matter of delivery than personal inclination. This philosophy of ours has inspired us to develop training material which engages a child in a way no other material has every done. And the results are extremely inspiring. We have been able to take kids in which lacked in subjects like math, English or science; and transform them into toppers.

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Nagesh Banchhor

CEO, Pro C Education

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