Frequently Asked Questions


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 01  My Child is Too Young. Should He be Coached This Early?

Yes. We have seen children excelling in Math, Science and English as early as 6 years of age. An early expertise helps the child manage the study well, leaving more time with him for games and sports.




 02  What is Important, Concepts or Marks?

Frankly both are important. Concepts play crucial role in academic success. Good marks keep the motivational level up.


Also, only those who have clear concepts are able to keep marks high in the long run.

 03  Should My Child Appear in Olympiads?

Yes, Olympiads test conceptual clarity. Preparing for them helps the child eventually.




 04  What is NTSE? How Does it Help a Child?

NTSE stands for National Talent Search Exam. A child can appear in it only once (while in class X). Successful candidate get scholarship for their entire academic life.


Preparing for NTSE makes a child ready for other competitive exams such as IAS.




 05  What is CLAT? When Should one Start Preparation?

CLAT is an entrance test for National Law University's integrated programs. Those interested in making a career in law should prepare for it.


One can appear in CLAT if he has passed XII or appeared in the exam of it. 

Good time to start preparation can be beginning of class XI. Sometimes a crash course after exam of class XII also helps.